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Articles 海宁安旺高机械有限公司

20 December 2017


If you’re ready to accept an offer or have already accepted an offer from us, we’re here to help you plan your degree.
14 December 2017


Getting a lower than expected ATAR isn't the end of the world, so don't worry – there are always other pathways to your dream course or career.
19 October 2017


Hear what worked and what didn't, how they got to where they are, and what they learned along the way.

13 October 2017


Using ATAR calculator marks and percentiles as a benchmark can increase motivation, but the best way to succeed is to study well. Most of our courses have a guaranteed ATAR, so when achieved, you can feel confident in securing a place once offers are released.

29 September 2017


Whether you're considering the idea of postgraduate study, or know exactly what you'd like to apply for, chances are you have some questions. With so much information online, there's value in getting personalised advice.
29 September 2017


Group assignments get a pretty bad rap – but there are good reasons why they exist. Here’s how to rethink your approach to group projects and ace your next assignment. 

28 September 2017


While there’s ongoing debate as to whether entrepreneurship can be taught in the classroom (or even at all), one thing can’t be disputed: fine-tuning certain skills can help you become a more successful entrepreneur.
22 September 2017


HSC, trials, finals, no matter how you describe them exams have something in common – including how best to study. Get ready and use your time well with our expert and student backed advice on how to study for exams.
22 September 2017


Have you had your career path mapped out since childhood, or are you convinced that your dream job doesn’t exist yet? We’ve got the tools you need to future-proof your learning.
20 September 2017


We’ve reimagined the way we teach, expanding the parameters of ‘the classroom’. From 2018, you can feed your curiosity with over 100 new courses in our new Open Learning Environment (OLE).

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